It sounds so romantic…

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It sounds so romantic: buying a chateau in France, a fairy tale!
It is a bit less romantic when in reality, there is so much damage done by termites, a lot of damp and a leaking roof. Reality is not so romantic when you know that I have to do almost everything by myself with a very limited budget.
The chateau needs a lot of TLC (Tender, love and care) and there will be a huge number of jobs to be done before I can live my dream: opening the B&B and most of all cooking for my dear guests…
Yet, I still see the future very optimistic!

Ok, not when it’s a dark and grey outside, the weather is cold and rainy and I have to sit inside early evenings: then I feel a bit depressed and lonely.
Not when it’s raining cats and dogs and I have to force myself to inspect the immense attic to see where it is leaking.
Not when I force myself to go to some of the rooms where it is damp and the wooden floor is wobbly. At those moments I am so afraid of all the problems that might occur and can not be solved because of my budget.

But most of the time I am very optimistic and dreaming of beautiful country bathrooms with roll top baths and lion feet, original French floor tiles (tomettes) and brocante treasures.

Meanwhile, everybody is asking me about the renovation and if the planning is going well.
But yet, I haven’t really started besides removing paint and wallpaper.
I am still thinking about the best layout for the bathrooms and the best materials (the most romantic materials I mean).
I think that is why I am still optimistic: I am dreaming about what it all could become…

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